CBD Pills for sleep: benefits of the low-risk treatment

CBD Pills for sleep: benefits of the low-risk treatment

CBD pills for sleep can be beneficial to those who struggle with insomnia. CBD is a natural substance that offers relief from pain, inflammation, anxiety, and depression, plus it has been shown to reduce seizures in children with severe epilepsy. CBD is also an anti-psychotic which means that CBD pills for sleep may help ease the symptoms of schizophrenia too!

About Cannabis and Cannabinoids

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Cannabis sativa, scientifically known as Cannabis sativa, is a shrub with small leaves that grows in the wild and is cultivated for its fiber. The plant’s scientific name is Cannabis sativa. The term “cannabis” may be used to describe anything manufactured from the plant. Cannabis plants contain a variety of chemical compounds, including a class referred to as “cannabinoids.” Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) are two cannabinoids that researchers have focused on because they appear to have the most effect on humans.

What is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)?

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The cannabinoid THC is responsible for the most recognized effects of cannabis, such as “being high.” Marijuana refers to components of the Cannabis sativa plant that contain THC.

Hemp is a strain of cannabis with less than 0.3 percent THC. Hemp is a term used to describe cannabis and its derivatives that contain less than 0.3 percent THC. As of 2018, the United States government has no longer classified hemp as a prohibited drug under federal law. As a result, there has been an increase in the amount of hemp-related items available on the market in America. CBD products are typically sold as a result of this development.

What is Cannabidiol?

The legal status of CBD, the other well-known cannabinoid, is somewhat complex. When extracted from hemp and sold in accordance with established laws, CBD may be lawfully obtained in the United States. CBD does not have any psychoactive effects or induce comparable effects as THC. Furthermore, CBD lacks the addictive qualities or potential for abuse that THC possesses.

In the United States, CBD is becoming increasingly popular. While CBD has been shown to have a variety of health benefits, the scientific evidence behind its efficacy is still uncertain in most situations.

Is CBD FDA-approved?

In the United States, only a few cannabis-derived or cannabis-related pharmaceuticals have been granted FDA approval.:

  • Epidiolex. The first oral CBD solution to be authorized by the FDA was created by GW Pharmaceuticals and contains a purified cannabis-derived component. Epidiolex is intended for the treatment of rare and severe types of epilepsy, Dravet syndrome, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, and tuberous sclerosis complex in children two years old and older. Despite being proven to lower other sorts of seizures, Epidiolex has not yet been approved by the FDA for that purpose.
  • Marinol and Syndros. Dronabinol, a synthetic THC derivative, is found in Cannabis oils and extracts. They are available as soft gel capsules or oral solutions. Dronabinol affects the parts of the brain that regulate hunger, nausea, and vomiting, allowing for numerous medical applications. Nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy are treated with these medications, as well as weight loss in HIV patients.
  • Cesamet. Cesamet is a brand name for dronabinol, which was developed in 1964 by Eli Lilly and Company. It’s a synthetic cannabinoid with a chemical structure comparable to THC. This capsule also affects the vomiting and nausea-control section of the brain, like dronabinol. The drug is used to treat patients who haven’t responded to other nausea and vomiting medicines while undergoing chemotherapy.

There are no other CBD drug products that have been approved by the FDA. The safety and efficacy of cannabis or CBD in the treatment of any particular condition or disease have yet to be determined by the FDA.

What forms does CBD come in?

CBD can be found in a variety of forms.

  • Oral solutions, such as the FDA-approved drug Epidiolex
  • Oral sprays that are applied under the tongue
  • Oils and tinctures, sometimes described as drops or droplets
  • Vapes and vape juices to use in a vaping pen
  • Edible items, such as gummies, chocolates, or cookies, and beverages, such as coffees and teas
  • Pills and capsules
  • Topical solutions, including lotions, creams, patches, gels, and ointments

What are common doses of CBD?

Outside of Epidiolex, the FDA has no authority over non-drug CBD dosages. As a result, the amount of CBD in each type varies considerably.

Studies show that 300 mg oral doses of CBD are safe to take on a daily basis for up to six months. According to one scientific study, people who took as much as 1,500 mg per day were not harmed. A subsequent evaluation confirmed that individuals who consumed 1,500 mg per day for four weeks had no serious side effects.

Unfortunately, the indicated CBD content on a product label is not always accurate, which might lead people to take more or less CBD than desired. According to a study of 84 CBD products sold online, 26% of the goods had less CBD than stated on the label. The same analysis revealed that almost 43 percent of the items were under-labeled, implying they had considerably more CBD than stated on the label.

CBD at higher doses does not appear to have harmful effects, but these products may also include greater amounts of THC than stated on the label. Other CBD items can contain THC that isn’t declared on the label at all. The cannabis in these items may cause intoxication, which is either nice or unpleasant.

CBD for sleep – brands we trust

  1. CBDfx – Best Overall
  2. Extract Labs – Perfect for Bath Time
  3. Natural Stacks – Exceptional CBD Lavender & Melatonin Blend
  4. Sunday Scaries – Top-Rated for Relieving Stress and Improving Sleep 
  5. Green Roads – Pharmacist-Formulated Product Line
  6. CBDistillery – Full Spectrum for Comprehensive Benefits
  7. Medterra – Best THC-Free CBD Sleep Formulas 
  8. Charlotte’s Web – Highly-Regarded Brand 
  9. Five CBD – Complimentary Bundle for Maximum Effect
  10. Just Live – Traceable from Seed to Distribution

Brand information, ratings & selections

1. CBDfx – Best overall

sleep disorders


  • All-natural ingredient list; confirmed vegan
  • CBD oil with sleep terpenes and other cannabinoids
  • Tested by a third-party lab to confirm the quality
  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee


  • Full-spectrum and CBD isolate formulas are not available


  • CBD + CBN Night Capsules for Sleep
  • CBD Gummies with Melatonin for Sleep
  • CBD Oil Sleep Tincture

If you’re anything like us, you appreciate variety. You want to be able to customize your sleep medication however you choose. Some people have trouble swallowing capsules for the rest of their lives! So, CBDfx introduced a range of sleep aids that include a CBD oil tincture, gummies, and capsules for individuals who have no issue with taking pills.

The CBD is derived from hemp, which has a wide range of non-intoxicating uses that humans have utilized for millennia. The night capsules contain 30 mg of broad-spectrum CBD and 2.5 mg of CBN per serving. They also include valerian root extract, other relaxing terpenes, and cannabinoids, to make falling asleep simple.

Because they’re made with melatonin and contain passionflower extract, chamomile, lemon balm, and other sleep terpenes, they aid in the maintenance of a good night’s sleep. All of these intentional components are carefully blended to form a delicious chewy gummy that you can also eat as a midnight treat. CBD is added at a rate of 50 mg per gummy.

If you’re looking for a fast solution, check out their sleep tincture. This CBD oil contains melatonin and broad-spectrum CBD, CBN, and other minor cannabinoids in combination. You’ll fall asleep quickly after taking each dose of 100 mg of CBD and 5 mg of melatonin. Before you know it, you’ll be snoring.

2. Extract Labs – Perfect for bath time

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  • Infused with essential oils
  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Make great gifts
  • Handcrafted with care


  • Limited product variety


  • Sleep CBD Bath Bomb
  • Deep Sleep Bundle

Everyone knows that a hot shower is an ideal way to unwind your muscles and prepare for bed. It’s why parents bathe their children every night to help them wind down from the day and put them in a calm state for sound sleep. And, perhaps, one of the greatest aspects about being in the restroom? The solitude!

Extract Labs created a CBD bath bomb with your needs in mind. They combine 14 sleep-inducing essential oils with olive flower essence to relax your mind, ease tension in your body, and help you get ready for bedtime. You’ll adore these, and you’ll want everyone you know to have one! That is fantastic because the more products you buy, the more money you save.

You may also invest in their deep sleep bundle, which includes two bath bombs and CBD + CBN soft gels, both of which are designed especially for use just before bed. CBN is a cannabinoid that is considered the most peaceful; it will assist you fall asleep quickly and easily.

3. Natural Stacks – Exceptional CBD lavender & melatonin blend

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  • Fast shipping and satisfaction guaranteed 
  • No groggy feeling in the morning 
  • Relieves built-up tension from the day
  • Promotes peaceful sleep and uplifted mood


  • You must be 18+ to purchase


  • Dream CBD with Lavender & Melatonin

It’s not a good way to start your day with a frown on your face. This 100% organic CBD, lavender, and melatonin combination can provide you with a reason to grin. It works quickly, so get ready to go to bed as soon as possible after taking it. At 450 milligrams of CBD, the product is made from broad-spectrum hemp extract and infused with lavender and just the right amount of melatonin. Customers have reported an improvement in back and shoulder tension, longer sleep time, and a better mood.

If you have any concerns, get in touch with their customer service team via their live chat and talk with a specialist. They promise that if you are dissatisfied with anything, they will make it right.

4. Sunday Scaries – Top-rated for relieving stress and improving sleep

cbd oil


  • Save 20% when you subscribe
  • Tastes like ice cream
  • A powerful mix of ingredients, including CBD oil
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee 


  • Only one flavor option


  • Vanilla Cream CBD + CBN Oil for Sleep

“Sunday Scaries” captures the dread that comes with realizing that the weekend is coming to an end, and the reality sinks in that you’ll have to resume your duties early Monday morning. Anxiety about your job may plague you before bedtime, making it difficult to fall asleep. If you’re not getting enough rest, you won’t be able to function effectively or productively during the day if you don’t get a good night’s sleep.

Sunday Scaries’ Sleep Aid combines the power of several nootropic ingredients, including L-theanine and lemon balm, to promote a good night’s sleep. This compound by Sunday Scaries tastes like vanilla cream and may help you feel as though you’re eating ice cream for dessert while also getting up on time. The combination includes CBD oil, CBN, 5-HTP, chamomile, GABA, l-theanine, lemon balm, and valerian root. This is a no-nonsense formula that won’t take any prisoners; if you want to support sound sleep, this is the product for you.

5. Green Roads – Pharmacist-formulated product line

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  • Capsules are made with CBD isolate
  • Created by pharmacists
  • Melatonin-infused formulas
  • Save 20% on your first order


  • The oil and gummies may have an aftertaste 


  • Sweet Sleep CBD Oil
  • Sleepy Z’s CBD Gummies
  • CBD Sleep Capsules

Sleep deprivation can have a detrimental effect on your health, regardless of how well you maintain it. You’re in excellent company, though. Many people struggle to fall asleep. That’s why Green Roads created a line of CBD products – to help you sleep better, feel more energetic throughout the day, and get a healthier overall physical condition.

Sweet Sleep CBD Oil is a restful aid designed to help you relax and rest while keeping your mind and body healthy. Each dose contains 22.5 mg of CBD, 2.5 mg of CBN, and 2.5 mg of melatonin. It has a sweet berry aftertaste that makes it easy to consume. Pharmacists with extensive expertise developed this formula.

If you enjoy gummies, the blackberry-flavored variety with 25 mg of CBD and 5 mg of melatonin is definitely worth a try. These chewy candy-like snacks lower stress levels and help you relax so that you can sleep through the night. You may choose from their sleep capsules if you don’t care about delectable ways to get your CBD dose. Each capsule contains 25 mg of CBD isolate and 5 mg of melatonin. You can expect each bottle to last you a month because it’s made with 25 milligrams of CBD isolate per dosage as well as 5 milligrams of melatonin!

6. CBDistillery – Full spectrum for comprehensive benefits

cbd oil


  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Full-spectrum CBD
  • American grown hemp
  • Calms nerves and invites sleep 


  • Only one concentration is available 


  • CBN + CBD Sleep Tincture

CBDistillery outdid themselves with this one. The entourage effect is what happens when you add minor cannabinoids like CBN with CBD. You obtain a more powerful product as a result of the entourage effect being activated with this compound, which is what happens when you include lesser substances such as CBN. This combination includes cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, which means it’s a potent alternative to help you relax after a hectic day.

You’ll receive 150 mg of CBN and 250 mg of CBD in each bottle, for a total of 600 mg. Send insomnia and another sleeplessness away, pull up the blankets, and get ready to journey to the realm of sleep.

7. Medterra – Best THC-free CBD sleep formulas 

cbd oil


  • Capsules are 17X more bioavailable
  • Zero contaminants and zero high fructose corn syrup
  • Non-GMO and THC-free
  • Support throughout your sleep cycles


  • Some customers do not enjoy the natural strawberry flavor of the gummies 


  • CBD Gummies – Sleep Tight
  • CBD + Melatonin Capsules

You’re in luck if you’ve been avoiding CBD products because you don’t want any THC in your system. Medterra offers vegan capsules and sleep-tight gummies that are made with a high-quality 99 percent CBD isolate.

The capsules are free of pesticides and other pollutants, and they’re developed to have 17 times the bioavailability. This means that each capsule is enveloped in a hydrophobic membrane, ensuring that your stomach enzymes do not destroy the substance before it has a chance to benefit you. You may take less and receive effects faster, which sounds like a fantastic deal to us.

Tightly tucked gummies for sleep contain 25 mg of CBD and 3 mg of melatonin per tablet, as well as other beneficial components including lemon balm and chamomile. They’re also naturally scented to taste like strawberries! You not only feel a sense of calmness that helps you fall asleep but your sleep cycles are also supported, allowing you to stay asleep through the night.

8. Charlotte’s Web – Highly-regarded brand

chronic pain


  • Bundle into packs or gift sets and save
  • Naturally flavored (raspberry)
  • USA grown hemp
  • Full-spectrum hemp extract


  • If you’re pregnant or nursing, first check with your doctor


  • CBD Gummies: Sleep 

Charlotte’s Web Sleep Gummies contain phytocannabinoids and melatonin to help you sleep better naturally. Each serving of their full hemp extract contains 10 mg of CBD and 3 mg of melatonin, which can assist you in getting better sleep and enjoying your nighttime dreams. You may also enjoy a happier mood throughout the day if you get quality and more restful sleep.

You have the option of purchasing just one jar or a three-pack of 90-count jars. You may also combine the 90 count jars into a gummy mix pack if you want assistance with Calm and Recovery. You can also get a couple’s gift set that includes sleep gummies, as well as cream, balm, and oil in a sleep gummies jar together with roll-on topical and oil.

9. Five CBD – Complimentary bundle for maximum effect

clinical data


  • Save 15% when you subscribe for future deliveries
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Made in the USA
  • Bundled products for maximum support


  • If you decide to return a product, you are responsible for shipping fees


  • Sleep Bundle: Tincture and Gummies

The tension you hold in your body and the chaos of your hyperactive mind are both causes of difficulty sleeping. Thoughts may rush into your head so fast that you wonder how you’re able to process information so quickly. You also wonder why everything comes flooding in at night, when all you want and require is darkness so you can fade away.

Customers are raving about the CBD Sleep Bundle, which contains a full spectrum tincture and sleep gummies with 25 milligrams of CBD and 3 milligrams of melatonin. The sleep bundle is said to be a game-changer by consumers. They claim to have slept soundly throughout the night without feeling any grogginess in the morning.

10. Just Live – Traceable from seed to distribution

relevant animal studies


  • Third-party testing
  • THC-free and 100% natural ingredients
  • Supports everyday wellness
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee


  • Limited product variety


  • CBD Sleep Gummies

How can you just exist when you’re not sleeping? CBD has been proven to decrease stress hormones, such as cortisol. When CBD is combined with natural sleep aids like 5-HTP, GABA, and melatonin, the quality of your sleep dramatically improves. You’ll be able to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face whatever life throws at you after you’ve had a chance to recharge your internal battery.

1 gummy confers 25 mg of CBD and 3 mg of CBG. They are meant to stimulate REM sleep and provide a feeling of peace, both physical and mental health. This formula is THC-free, free of genetically modified organisms, and traceable from seed to sale – something that distinguishes this firm from the competition!

Pay attention to this

To ensure that you’re obtaining only the finest goods available on the market, there are a few things you should know. First, find out where the hemp came from. Companies that claim to utilize only American grown hemp will earn brownie points if they can tell you exactly where it’s coming from.

Next, consider the extraction technique and CBD source. Full-spectrum will give you a lot of advantages because it contains more naturally occurring characteristics in the hemp plant. Although broad-spectrum is somewhat pickier, it nevertheless produces the entourage effect, and CBD isolates preparations to ensure that there are no traces of THC in your system.

Then look at the other components. Are there any natural supports, such as botanical components, included in the mix? You can tell when a brand pays attention to their nighttime solutions because they give purposeful and meaningful names to their products.

Finally, be sure that the product you’re buying allows you to access third-party lab test results and that it has a certificate of analysis that verifies the quality and safety of food items for human consumption.

How much CBD to use as a sleep aid?

When deciding how much CBD to take as a sleep aid, the first step is to look at the product packaging to see what the recommended dose is. You can determine if you need to change the dosage depending on how you feel after taking it.

Not all CBD is created equal, and certain preparations are really meant to provide a more energizing impact. Always make sure you’re buying CBD products that were developed particularly for the purpose of improving sleep. These items will include a combination of additional beneficial components to assist with muscle relaxation, mental quietness, and sleeping through the night without interruption.

Some people are allergic to CBD, and even a small amount can cause an adverse reaction. Others may become angry due to the fact that the advised dose does not seem to have the desired effect. This is when you’ll want to practice some restraint. It might take some trial and error to figure out how much CBD you need in order to pass out, but once you know, everything will be OK.

Another option is to test different goods and formulations. The beauty of having at least ten respected companies on hand is that you may experiment with dosages as well as the various formulations available from them. The influence CBD has on you is also determined by how you take it. Use a CBD oil tincture if you want the quickest results; this can be administered under your tongue and works fast. Expect CBD gummies or capsules to take longer than other products, depending on what’s in your stomach and your digestive system.

Frequently asked questions

How do cannabinoids affect sleep?

CBD and other cannabinoids found in hemp plants help stabilize the body’s internal clock by boosting CBD production during daylight hours. This is why it has been suggested that CBD can be used as a natural treatment for insomnia and other sleep disorders.

Does CBD reduce sleep quality?

The CBD produced within the hemp plant is safe and natural. The CBD used in our products will not only improve sleep quality, but it also has the potential to improve overall health and well-being. CBD has been found to provide a calming effect for those who suffer from anxiety or stress, which can often lead to poor sleep quality. CBD also interacts with the body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS), which is responsible for maintaining homeostasis and promoting general health. CBD’s ability to interact with the ECS can help reduce inflammation, pain sensation, improve sleep quality, boost mood, and support overall health.

How much CBD is good for sleep at night?

CBD products come in a variety of potencies, so it is important that you start with the lowest dose and work your way up until you find the CBD dose that works best for you.

Why would CBD oil keep me awake?

If CBD oil makes you feel awake, it’s likely that you’ve taken too much. CBD has a biphasic effect, meaning that it has different effects at different doses. CBD oil should be taken in low doses if you want to feel sleepy. If you’re taking CBD for the first time, start with a low dose and increase gradually until you find the right dose for you. You can also try CBD in other forms, such as CBD capsules.


CBD pills are a low-risk treatment for sleep that can improve your ability to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face whatever life throws at you after you’ve had a chance to recharge your internal battery. CBD is often used as an alternative therapy with few side effects, but it’s important that when buying CBD products, you know the difference between broad-spectrum CBDs or full-spectrum CBDs in order to get the most benefits. There are many companies out there providing CBD options so experiment with different brands before settling on one!


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